What We Believe

The heart of what we believe at Christ Church Beckenham is this:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”

Those words could change your life if you let them!

They come from the gospel of John (the fourth book of the New Testament in the Bible) and what they are saying is that all of us are separated from God because, from the earliest of ages, we make decisions and carry out actions that aren’t good for us, aren’t good for others and aren’t good enough for God.

Wonderfully, these words also tell us that God is more loving than all our failings and faults, loving enough to find a way for us to be treated as if we were good enough! God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to make it possible for us to be embraced by our Heavenly Father and for us to have the promise of everlasting life in heaven. Because of Jesus our “Sorry, God” now really means something. That’s what we believe!

Does that sound a bit simple?

Well it is that simple really but if you want to understand a bit, or even a lot, more about what we believe then you could scroll down this page, but better still why not come on an “Alpha Course”  to find out more:

Here it all is again but in a bit more detail…

Christ Church is a Church of England evangelical church which means that we believe:

that Jesus Christ is God’s only Son whose mission was to mend the broken relationship between us and God

the truth of the Bible to reveal the heart and actions of God throughout history and in our lives today

the power of the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead through which all can know eternal life

the transforming joy of knowing Jesus as our Saviour

the empowering work of the Holy Spirit to make God fully known in the hearts of people today