Our vision is to be a church where we are Sharing Life, Loving Beckenham which means we are here to help you find God, grow in relationship with Him, share life with those around you and impact the town and the world beyond. Join us on Sundays at 8.00am, 10.30am or 6:30pm for our services. Our Small Groups are gatherings of 10-20 people, where we belong and share life together at CCB. We also run The Alpha Course for those enquiring about the Christian faith.

We welcome people from every walk of life, every gender, background, age and culture. You are welcome too!


  • “I will go Lord, where you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart”, from Isaiah 6, has been my experience as CCB has taught me, nurtured me, and equipped me, to go to others within and without the church with the love of Jesus. I am now learning from my fourth vicar, and remain a learner in God’s school. CCB is a good place to do that.

    CCB Member
  • "As a newcomer to Beckenham, Christ Church has been a welcoming family! Jesus is central, Bible teaching is relevant and I have been loved and accepted.It's a warm,cosy place with comfy chairs and real coffee too!"

  • Recently saw this poster: ”Home is where we… .. give love, laugh often, create memories, welcome friends, share stories and listen to one another”.
    It made me think that it can be the same for church. Christ Church is where I am learning to be loved and to give love through my relationship with God and my friends - despite all my human ups and downs, frustrations and fears, anger and joy, clear or muddy thinking, it is a wonderful place for me to try to be myself – we are not perfect but we can laugh, listen and share with Jesus!

  • I have been a member of Christ Church my whole life. There are people there who remember me when I was a child and some who remember me when I was doing things I'd rather others didn't know. Especially in my small group, it is a place where I can be me, one work in progress among many others, where we encourage, challenge, help, pray for and forgive each other. Because of the time I spend with my Church I can live the rest of my life better.

  • My friends and family at CCB have helped and encouraged me enormously in my day to day life and faith over the years. The Home Groups especially have been great places to ask questions, discuss ideas and learn more of God's love for us all.
    When I had small children the Young Mums' groups helped me keep going and were a real source of friendship and encouragement. Even though I have been worshipping here for more than 30 years, I am still learning and growing in my faith, and appreciate that although we can be so very different, what unites us is God's love for us.

  • Fifteen years ago I knew something was missing in my life. My life had fallen apart and I was looking for a way out; feeling desperate, alone and suicidal. A Christian woman I met on a 227 bus helped me get back on my feet by encouraging me to go to Church. That was ten years ago. Two years ago, we faced our worst nightmare “eviction”. I was on my knees and would not be where I am today without God. God lifted me up and gave me the strength I needed to get through that ordeal. I love Christ Church and my extended family. I have never felt so much love and support from so many. My faith is stronger now than ever before and I no longer feel alone. I have God beside me all the way.


Christ Church Beckenham are dedicated to upholding the safety and wellbeing of all, particularly of children, young people and vulnerable adults.
Visit our About Us page to view our Safeguarding Policy.


8:00 a.m. Holy Communion
10:30 a.m.
1st. Sunday - All Age
2nd. Sunday Morning Praise
3rd. Sunday Holy Communion
4th Sunday Celebration
6:30 p.m. Evening Praise (Communion 1st. Sunday)
4:30 p.m. 4th Sunday - Classic Praise (Trad. Anglican)


Christ Church Beckenham
Fairfield Road
(Next to Lidl's carpark)



There are car parks just behind the church. The nearest station is Beckenham Junction - just six minutes walk or Clockhouse 15minutes. If you have mobility needs please give us a call 020 8650 3847


Our church has a “come as you are” atmosphere. You will see some dressed up, some dressed casual. So be yourself.