Giving is at the heart of God who demonstrates his love in giving to us. Our giving is an act of worship in response to his generous grace.

The scope of Christian stewardship is not just financial giving but concerns how we use the money, time, talents and possessions God has entrusted to us. Such self-giving should become second nature to us and, as it becomes so, our living and our giving are transformed to start to resemble the overflowing generosity of God.

Regular committed giving by church members enables us to carry out God’s mission in the world. Many members of the church family ensure regular giving through the Free Will Offering envelope scheme or Standing Orders to Christ Church.

Through Gift Aid, for every pound you give we are able to receive a further 28 pence (at no extra cost to you), through tax we are able to reclaim on your donation. If you pay tax all that is required for Gift Aid to be claimed is a simple form or envelope completed by you and kept by us.

Please contact the Treasurer, Gill Boulton or our accounts Officer Sarah Martin, for further information and the forms necessary for Gift Aid, Standing Orders or Free Will Offerings to Christ Church. All information is handled in the strictest confidence.