Why join a small group at Christ Church Beckenham?

Deep friendship and support

It’s great to read, learn and share prayer together in confidence knowing others will continue to pray. We share birthday meals and a Christmas Dinner together, at home and in restaurants. It’s great to work together at church on different teams with people you have a deep friendship and support from.

Wendy Burton

Our group is growing!

I think I can best answer by saying that our group is growing! We meet twice a month on Thursdays, and everyone seems to appreciate the opportunity to get together and everyone engages in the Bible Study. We have occasional purely social events which are very much appreciated especially by our new members.

Nick Randell

Refreshing and Encouraging

Our Life Group has been a time of personal sharing and fresh insight both of the Scriptures (we spent at least a year in Romans) and in knowing each other, both refreshing and encouraging. We are all so different, but the sharing of different perspectives and experiences is both stimulating and rewarding, and deepens respect for each other.

Mike Wakely

Less intimidating than a full church

A small group is less intimidating than a church full of people; it’s easier to ask questions, hear opinions of others, be challenged and supported too. The Bible becomes more real somehow when it can be learned in this way of dialogue and discussion.

Madge Olby

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Our Life Groups seek to draw heavily on the experience of Saddleback Church in America, where Rick Warren is the Senior Pastor, and follow their tried and tested pattern of filling our small groups with ‘cheeses’ of different colours:

Membership of the body of Christ means that we can identify as a family – God’s family. The church in Acts was a fellowship where people “ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” Jesus shared his life as well as his ministry with a close group of followers – he saw the value of close relationships. Life Groups are safe, supportive and enjoyable.

Again in Acts, we read that the growing church devoted itself to the Apostle teaching which means that they devoted themselves to growing in Christ and maturity, and not just in the Temple courts but in their own homes, at other times. Bible study was never just a “church building” thing, nor was it only a Sabbath activity. Life Groups have the bible at their core.

We also know the small groups of new Christians in Acts chapter 2 did ministry. “They gave to anyone as they had need.” These groups became an outlet for support, ministry, benevolence, charity and shared meals – as a group! Small groups need to have a heart that is as equally facing outward in ministry, as it is inward in fellowship. Life Groups are active in the life of the church.

One of the most amazing things about the church in Acts is the way it grew. People seemed to flock to their cause. Evangelising the lost was their mission and they embraced it! If we only go fishing one day a week – our weekend service – then that’s the only chance you’ve got to introduce people to Jesus. And then only if you can get them through the door. But if we meet throughout the week in groups that have filled their counters with fellowship, discipleship, ministry and worship – evangelism will start happening all over the place all through the week. Life Groups have something to share!

Breaking bread and prayer were as important to the first followers of Jesus as they had been to him. What this meant he remained as powerfully present in their everyday lives after his ascension as he had done before. It opened them up to new and fresh Spirit filled encounters with Jesus on a daily basis. “Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done.” We want to encourage worship, in a variety of different ways, to be part of our Life Group experience.

To join a Life Group, please contact Helen in the church office – office@ccb.org.uk.  There is a Life Group for you at Christ Church Beckenham.