They say that being a man in the 2020s isn’t that easy, well that may be true but it’s never really been the doddle that we are currently told it once was. At CCB we want to help men in all aspects of life. We want men to know hope in the future, love and fulfilment in the present and forgiveness for the past. We offer great friendship, help born out of experience and Jesus a man who died for us.

Experience heartfelt worship, good friends and a refreshing look into God’s Word in a comfortable, casual setting. At Christ Church Beckenham we are committed to coming alongside men in a way that helps.

A regular monthly gathering at a local restaurant for the men at CCB to get together, to eat, laugh, share, listen and pray.
Whether you are already in a CCB group or not; whether you’ve ever been to something like this before or not; or whether you are out of the habit of coming to church or not; TDH is for you. It’s a safe place to share what’s on your heart, the food is very good, the friendship will be genuine, the short bible reflections will be relevant and meaningful, and the benefits well worth it.There’s a real benefit in men getting together over a meal, a drink, a laugh or a cry, the bible and a prayer.
I hope you will be a part of it.  We need each other! The more men who come, the better it will be.

For more information, contact Helen in the church office (020 8650 3847 /

This is what Joe has to say…

What are you looking for?

  • If you’re looking to find out more about God
  • If you want to know who Jesus is
  • If you value good bible based teaching
  • If you want well thought out and prepared worship that embraces both modern and traditional
  • If you’re looking for friendship and a warm acceptance no matter who you are
  • If you want a church that’s just great to belong to

Then why not come to Christ Church Beckenham. I’ve only been coming for nine months and I’ve found all these things to be true.

Just come as you are, you’d be most welcome.


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Men Behaving Dadly


Every month we give those fellas looking after children the chance to sit around and be with their children in the company of other dads. So while mum has a lie-in or escapes to the gym or has some much needed “me” time, the children and “dads” are playing, chatting, eating more bacon and generally putting the world into a different perspective in our church hall. The morning session is run by some of our older dads.

Most of those who come are not Sunday church goers, although their children might come in the week to our baby and toddler groups.
Pre-pandemic we got 15 to 20 dads plus kids and is a great place and time to chew over life, parenting and what’s important to YOU!


  • Christianity is about the restoration of right relationships. We need first to be in a right relationship with the one who made us. The route to this is via forgiveness. When we are forgiven we then need to forgive one another. God is at work in my life showing me how he wants to work all that out in me. Come along to church to find out how this might all work out for you.

    Alan Gardiner
  • Christ has given me an eternal perspective. He has blessed me with the hope and peace that comes from knowing I have an eternal future secure with him.

    Jonathan Lancaster