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This six-session LifeGuide Bible Study of Ruth we meet not only Ruth herself but also other significant players who populate the drama: Naomi, Elimelech, Mahlon, Kilion, Orpah and Boaz. In addition there are other unnamed characters: a kinsman, reapers, elders and neighbors. Like us, each of these characters in their own way needs the Redeemer who is foreshadowed here.These six studies follow the popular inductive study approach that has marked LifeGuide Bible studies for the past thirty years.

This is an in-depth study of the book of Ruth made for groups or individuals. There are 10 lessons with a help section for the group leader to use. This study addresses many themes within the book of Ruth including: being made empty, God's irresistible love, God's care and protection, the Bride of Christ, faith, the covenant of the cross, going beyond your self, and being fruitful to eternity. It also teaches on restoration, repentance, redemption and much more. Most of all, this study will cause you to take a look at yourself, your walk and commitment to the Lord, and what effect you have on others. This is a life-changing bible study.

These seven stimulating sessions explores the popular Bible book of Ruth, learning more about the central themes of trust, loyalty, kindness and faith.
A Bible guide from the Cover to Cover series, created to provide a unique resource for group and individual study. Seven stimulating sessions in each book, supported by opening ice-breakers, Bible references, discussion starters and suggestions for personal application.

Trust, loyalty, kindness and faith - these are the central themes contained in the book of Ruth. This is a moving story that also deals with fundamental issues of poverty, bereavement, childlessness, racial tension and human rights. Your faith and values will be challenged through this study and your Christian witnessing will never be the same again.

Suitable for both small groups and personal use this Drawn In Bible Study mixes creative colouring with Bible discussion
A great way to grow in skill and in appreciation of the Bible. Colour with Friends. Be Drawn In to Scripture.

Struck by tragedy. On the fringes of society. Seizing upon hope. Ruth didn't wait for hope to arrive. She sought it out and grabbed hold of it. Compelled by need, animated by faith, she dared to leave the only land she knew. Ruth's resilience and resourcefulness offer you a creative vision to navigate life's inevitable struggles, trust God, and hold fast to his irrevocable hope.

This woman from ancient times was no powerful princess - just a young, vulnerable widow, an impoverished outcast. The story records no famous events or places - just a struggling family facing hard times in a small, agricultural community occupied with their livelihoods and customs.

But the hidden hand of God is at work in the lives of these ordinary people, and wonderfully at work in history. God transforms hardship from bitterness to joy; God's word liberates people to become a community filled with loving kindness towards outsiders; God's people reach out to their enemies. And most significantly, God's great plan, to send a promised saviour King to redeem people of all nations, is being worked out.

Like those in the story, we may be just ordinary people, unable to see how the events of our lives will turn out. But by encountering the God who works through the circumstances of life, we too can discover the God who can turn our 'poverty' to 'plenty' through Jesus Christ.

This six-week Fisherman Bible Studyguide uses Ruth's story to help you reflect on your own relationships and the ways in which God might be inviting you to move different ways--ways that will lead you into life-giving patterns of relating with others.

Fisherman Bible Studyguides offer: Penetrating questions that generate discussion. Flexible format for group or individual needs. Helpful leader’s notes. Emphasis on daily application of Bible truth

Ruth is one of the best short stories ever written. We are drawn to the characters: grieving Naomi, loyal Ruth, and compassionate Boaz. The setting is also intriguing, as it takes place during the time of the judges.

The plot is a story of redemption which is part of the grand story of redemption. And at the heart of the resolution is Boaz, a figure who points to David's greatest son, Jesus.
Seven studies for small groups to explore the book of Ruth together and learn how God provides for his people.
Features close attention to the text, a focus on real-life application, and questions that really open up discussion.