May 2020
CCB:Kids | Worship Hub

Here at CCB:Kids we want to encourage you to find time to worship as a family. We’ve been putting together playlists on YouTube for you to easily access the songs you know and love from our weekly gatherings at Christ Church as well as Junior Choir and CCB:Kids. Check out these playlists below. Alternatively you can download some of our songs to use offline HERE.

May 2020

Over the ten days of Thy Kingdom Come, which we celebrate between Ascension Day (Thursday 21st May) and Pentecost (Sunday 31st May,) we are joining with the global church to pray “thy kingdom come.” When we pray that prayer we are saying that we want to let God into our lives, to see his Holy Spirit transform us to be more like Jesus and to see God’s world look more like God’s Kingdom.

Due to the current global situation Thy Kingdom Come is going to look a little different this year. As people pray in their own homes rather than gathering in local churches across the world it’s a great reminder that the Holy Spirit is always leading us out into the world. To bring people into God’s Kingom. We believe the best way to do that is to love God and to love others.

This page’s purpose is to direct you to the Thy Kingdom Come website to see all that they offer for children and families.

Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map

This year there is a digital prayer map to guide you through the Thy Kingdom Come experience. You may enjoy doing this as a family or it can be a great way to help your kids to engage with prayer on their own.

Check out the Thy Kingdom Come digital app and the video HERE.

Family Prayer Adventure Podcast

There is also a podcast available. Currently 2019 is all posted and it looks like there will be some more podcasts available when we enter Thy Kingdom Come.