Track Group | 23.6

Track Group | 23.6

Track Group | 23.6

Hey everyone and welcome to another online Track Group. This week we kick off another new series of delicious new-ness. I thought it would be awesome to follow along with the “live” Bible Project podcast series that is coming out weekly. We’re 1 behind, which is great because it means there is time to create a little resource to follow along with online. This series will use the Bible Project’s videos and have a few reflection questions to keep you thinking.

For Fun

It’s a rubber chicken singing worship songs… worsh…icken (get it?)

For Thinking

  • Have you ever received a letter from someone?
  • What’s sepecial about a letter?
  • Have you ever read a letter that was to someone else?

In the podcast, someone asked “what’s good about a chunck of our Bibles being letters to and from people?”

  • What do you think about letters being in the Bible?
  • What makes letters difficult to have as part of our Bibles?

For Digging Deeper

For some (like John from the Bible Project Podcast) most of the time they read the Bible is spent reading from the letters in the New Testament. I’m not like that. If you do listen to the podcast from the first week of the series on the NT letters you’ll hear Tim say that it’s crazy to JUST read the letters becuase they are full of hyperlinks to the Old Testament (the Jewish tradition) and to the life of Jesus. Like in the video at the top we need to learn to read these NT letters in the context of the larger story of the Bible as a whole.

But why do we have these copies of half of a conversations?

Well, they provide a window for us into what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Next time we’ll be thinking about what it means for these letters to be written at a certain time and to specific people/churches.

For Prayer

Spend some time in prayer thinking about what kind of letter you’d send to God. He knows our situations, our highs and lows, but He loves it when we talk to him and share as friends.

What would God’s reply be like?


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