CCB:Kids | Online

Aug 2020
Make A Big NOISE!

Today is the day we are launching our Make A Big Noise online Family Fun event!

We’re so happy you are here with us. This page is all you need for everything Make A Big Noise.

For the Make A Big Noise event those who signed up received an Activity Pack before the event. Inside were a the instructions and materials for three crafts. If you missed out on getting the Pack, you can access the instruction by clicking above.

Apr 2020
CCB:Kids Online | Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Hey Everyone,

Carol (from our CCB:Kids Team) has a lovely neighbour who made an Easter Egg Hunt for her family and has kindly shared it with us to use at home.
Be on the look out for beautiful orange and yellow cardboard eggs scattered all around the garden.

How many can you spot?
There are 12 in total!

Also for an extra challenge:

In this picture there are 7 hiding Easter chicks!
Can you find them all?

This one is a bit more of a challenge!
In this picture there are some sneaky frongs…
How many can you see?
There are actually 27 in there to find!

It might help to click the picture or zoom into it to see it better.